3.4.2. Changing the focus

In RealView Debugger, the focus indicates the window, or pane, where the next keyboard input takes effect. Use a single left-click on the title bar to move the focus to the Code window, or the pane, where you want to work. If the focus is currently in a source file, you can move the focus from the source file to the Output pane by pressing Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

When working with several Code windows, left-click inside a pane entry to change the focus. If the pane is floating, the pane title bar changes color to show that it now has the focus, and the title bar of the calling Code window is also highlighted.

If you switch to another Code window by clicking on the title bar, the focus moves to that window and the text insertion point is located inside the File Editor pane. If the context of the Code window is unknown, the text insertion point is located at the command-line prompt.

If you double left-click in a pane entry, for example on the contents of a register in the Register pane, this moves the focus to this pane and highlights the entry ready for editing.

If you right-click in a pane that does not have the focus, the focus does not move to this pane. This action does, however, highlight the chosen entry in the new pane. In this case, use the Code window title bar to see where the focus is currently located.

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