4.7.2. Connecting to your target

To connect to your target, do the following:

  1. Select the main menu option Target → Connect to Target....

    Alternatively, click on the blue Click to Connect to a Target hyperlink in the File Editor pane (see Figure 3.1).

    The Connection Control window is displayed. If there are currently no connections to your target, the target execution vehicle (ARM-ARM-NW for RVI, or ARM-ARM-USB for RVI-ME) is expanded to show the available access-provider connections.

    For more details on connecting to a target, see the chapter on connecting to targets in the RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Debugger User Guide.

  2. Expand the access-provider connection in the connection tree control to show the target processor available for the connection.

  3. Click the check box for the target processor. The connection to your target is established, and the Code window is updated with details for the connection.

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