3.1.5. Button toolbars

Below the Code window main menu, there are groups of toolbars that provide quick access to many of the features available from menu options, shown in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.2. Code window toolbar

Code window toolbar

To hide a toolbar, right-click on any toolbar button. This displays the Toolbars menu where you can specify which toolbars are visible.

You can move a toolbar from the default position in the Code window so that it floats on your desktop, for example, the Debug toolbar shown in Figure 3.3. To restore the floating toolbar, double-click anywhere on the toolbar title bar.

Figure 3.3. Debug toolbar (floating)

Debug toolbar (floating)

Repositioning a toolbar in this way applies only to the calling Code window. If you open a new Code window the toolbars are in the default positions.

See Working with the Code window toolbars for details of the buttons available from the Code window toolbar, and how to customize toolbars.

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