4.14.13. Building the RVDK example Dhrystone project

You can build the RVDK example Dhrystone project using the project makefile (dhry.mk) or the Windows command file (dhry.bat).

The following commands and options are used to build this project:

armcc -c -W -g -O2 -Otime -Ono_inline -DMSC_CLOCK dhry_1.c dhry_2.c
armlink dhry_1.o dhry_2.o -o dhry.axf --info totals

Table 4.8 describes the options used in these commands.

Table 4.8. Command options used to build the dhry example project

Command optionDescription


Instructs the compiler to create the object files only.


Instructs the compiler to suppress all warning messages.


Instructs the compiler to include debug tables.


Instructs the compiler to generate fully optimized code.


Instructs the compiler to perform optimizations to reduce execution time at the possible expense of a larger image.


Instructs the compiler to disable the inlining of functions.


Instructs the compiler to define the symbol MSC_CLOCK as a preprocessor macro.

-o dhry.axf

Instructs the linker to create an image with the filename dhry.axf.

--info totals

Instructs the linker to display the totals of the Code and Data (RO Data, RW Data, ZI Data, and Debug Data) sizes for input objects and libraries.

See the RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Compiler and Libraries Guide for a description of the compiler options.

See the RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Linker and Utilities Guide for a description of the linker options.

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