1.1.4. RealView ICE/RealView Trace v1.5

This release includes support for trace functionality in RealView Debugger. The supplied RVI-ME unit does not support trace, so to make use of the trace functionality you must additionally purchase the RealView ICE (RVI) and RealView Trace (RVT) products.

RVI provides additional hardware and software to allow RVD to debug your device. The debug functionality of RVI is similar to RVI-ME, except that RVI can connect to your PC using Ethernet as well as USB, and RVI generally allows higher speed debugging (such as when downloading images). Even if you are connecting to your device using RVI, you must still have the RVI-ME unit that is supplied with this toolkit plugged into the PC, otherwise the tools will fail to operate.

RVT plugs-in to the RVI hardware and provides the capability to capture and store trace data from the trace port on your device. If your device contains an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) then you can capture trace directly using RVI, without using any RVT hardware. However, the quantity of trace that can be captured using an ETB is very small in comparison to RVT, so you may wish to use an RVT anyway.

To purchase RVI and RVT, contact your supplier or visit http://www.arm.com.

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