1.1. RealView Developer Kit components

RVDK consists of a suite of tools, together with supporting documentation and examples, that enable you to write, build, and debug applications for your ARM architecture-based RISC processors.

RVDK supports the use of ARM926EJ-S™ and ARM946E-S™ processors, and the compilation of C and C++ (if licensed) source files. RVDK supports the debugging of single processor systems only. RVDK is supported on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional operating systems only.

Table 1.1 lists the components of RVDK v2.2, and the ARM product that is used to implement each component.

Table 1.1. RVDK component products

ComponentARM Product
Compilation toolsRealView Compilation Tools v2.2
DebuggerRealView Debugger v1.8
Debug agentRealView ICE Micro Edition v1.1
Debug agent (optional)RealView ICE/RealView Trace v1.5
Project managerCodeWarrior® v5.6.1

The examples in the RVDK documentation do not refer specifically to your board details, but use a fictitious board to demonstrate the tasks you can perform (see Names used in the debugger documentation examples).

Also, the RVDK documentation refers to ARM architectures and processors that might not be supported with your version of RVDK.

Example source code and build files are provided with RVDK that demonstrate how to use the RVDK tools (see RVDK example projects and Using the example projects).

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