1.1.2. RealView Debugger v1.8

RealView Debugger v1.8, together with RealView ICE Micro Edition v1.1, enables you to debug your embedded application programs and have complete control over the flow of the program execution so that you can quickly isolate and correct errors. For a description of the basic tasks you can do with RealView Debugger, see Chapter 4 Getting Started with RealView Developer Kit.

RealView Debugger short path names

The RealView Debugger short path names shown in Table 1.3 are used throughout the debugger documentation. The install_directory shown is the default installation directory. If you specified a different installation directory, then the path names are relative to your chosen directory.

Table 1.3. RealView Debugger short path names

Short nameDefault Directory
install_directoryC:\Program Files\ARM
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