3.3.5. Connect toolbar

Use these buttons to control target connections. They replicate selected options from the Target menu.

The Cycle Connections button allows you to switch to the next available active connection, but is only enabled during a multiprocessor debugging session. Click on the drop-down arrow to display a connection menu. This menu lists the active connections with the current connection marked with an asterisk. The menu also provides an option to attach the Code window to the current connection. When a Code window is attached to a connection a tick mark is added to the Attach Window to Connection option and the connection that is attached to the Code window. Although you can still cycle through multiple connections, the connection details do not change in Code windows that are attached.

The following button is also part of the Connect toolbar:

Cycle Threads button

Used during a multithreading debugging session, click this button to change to the next active thread. Click on the drop-down arrow to display the list of active threads where you can identify the current thread. The list also shows if the Code window is attached to this thread by adding a tick mark.

This button is only enabled when an underlying operating system is supported. See the chapter that describes RTOS support in RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Debugger User Guide.

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