3.1.3. Debug views and panes

RealView Debugger provides a range of debug views accessible through panes:

Substituting panes

All panes except for the File Editor pane can be substituted for another pane. To substitute one pane for another, select the required pane from the Pane Control menu of the pane to be substituted (see Pane controls for details).

See the chapter that describes working with debug views in RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Debugger User Guide for more details on working with panes.

Adding panes

Select View to display the View menu to add another pane.

Initially, when you select a pane from the View menu it is displayed as a floating pane. If you select a pane that is already visible, then another instance of that pane is displayed, and the name has the suffix _n, where n is a number starting at one (for example, Memory_1).

If you choose to dock a pane, then a Select Location dialog box is displayed where you can specify the position to place the pane on the desktop.

During your debugging session, you can define which view is displayed in a chosen pane (see Substituting panes for details).

See Floating, docking, and resizing windows and panes for more details on floating and docking panes.

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