2.2 Model Debugger application windows

The Model Debugger layout consists of the following windows and graphical elements:
  • main menu
  • tool bar
  • workspace with dock windows.
Model Debugger provides a workspace that can contain any of the following view types that are supported by the debugger:
  • source code
  • disassembly
  • call stack
  • thread
  • register
  • memory
  • pipeline overview
  • pipeline table
  • global variables
  • local variables
  • output
  • watch.


The default layout does not contain the following windows:
  • thread
  • pipe
  • global variables
  • watch.
The workspace layout can be customized by opening additional views, closing unwanted views, or specifying options in the Preferences dialog box.


All views can be moved or resized. Project files enable saving and restoring the customized layout. The files can give each processor target type, and even each target instance, a unique appearance.
Figure 2-9 Default layout for Model Debugger
Default layout for Model Debugger

This section contains the following subsections:
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