2.2.5 Saving the window layout

If you use different debug windows and views for different models, you can save and later reload layouts to simplify reorganizing the views.
The Layout menu has the following entries:
Layout Control Window
Displays the window. Click on an entry to change focus to the selected window.
Figure 2-14 Layout Control window
Layout Control window

Right-click to display a context menu for moving or duplicating windows.
Figure 2-15 Layout Control context menu
Layout Control context menu


You can also use drag-and-drop within the Layout Control window to change the location of the windows.
Load Layout
Load a previously saved layout file. The window positions match the window configuration present when the layout was saved.
Figure 2-16 Load Layout dialog box
Load Layout dialog box

Save Layout
Save the current window arrangement to a layout file.
Load Recent Layout
Load the last saved layout. If you have modified the current layout, a prompt asks whether to save the current layout.
Restore Default Layout
Use the default layout.
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