7.3. Using the Create Breakpoint dialog box

Use the Create Breakpoint dialog box to set breakpoints:

  1. Right-click in the gray area to the left of a line to see the context menu.

  2. Select Create Breakpoint... to open the Create Breakpoint dialog box. Figure 7.1 shows an example:

    Figure 7.1. OS Breakpoint Class selector

    OS Breakpoint Class selector

  3. Use the Class field to specify the type of breakpoint to set. A system breakpoint is the default choice.

    Breakpoint classes are not listed if they are not supported by the Debug Agent.

The breakpoint Class options available depend on:

Depending on the type of breakpoint, you cannot edit an existing breakpoint where the choice is restricted by the Debug Agent. In this case, you must clear the breakpoint before you can set a new breakpoint at the same location.

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