7.8. Updating your debug view

During your debugging session, use the following views to monitor execution:

In these views, you can use the view context menu to specify how the contents are updated:

Update Window

If you have deselected the option Automatic Update, you can use this option to update the thread view manually. You can update the display using this option at any time. This enables you to catch any memory updates made externally.

Automatic Update

Updates the display automatically, that is when:

  • you change memory from anywhere in RealView Debugger

  • a watched value changes

  • program execution stops.

This is the default.

Timed Update when Running

If you are in RSD mode, the thread view can be updated at a specified time interval during program execution. Select this option to set this timer according to the update period specified by Timed Update Period.

Timed Update Period

Use this to choose the interval, in seconds, between window updates.

Any value you enter here is only used when the option Timed Update when Running is enabled.

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