Eclipse Plug-in for RealView ® DevelopmentSuite User Guide

Version 1.0

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
1.1. About the Eclipse Plug-in for RVDS
1.2. Getting started
1.3. Installing the Eclipse Plug-in forRVDS
2. Creating an ARM Project
2.1. Creating a new ARM project
2.2. Adding files to the project
2.3. Building the project
3. ARM Project Types
3.1. About the ARM project types
3.1.1. Executable (ARM)
3.1.2. Static Library (ARM)
3.1.3. Executable (Thumb)
3.1.4. Static Library (Thumb)
3.2. About the predefined configurations
4. Configuring the Build Settings
4.1. Accessing configuration panels
4.2. Accessing configuration panels fora specific file
4.3. Configuring the RealView tools
4.4. Using the ARM fromelf utility
4.4.1. Converting ELF images to other formats
4.4.2. Disassembling code
4.5. Restoring defaults
4.6. Accessing online help
5. Creating an ARM Thumb Interworking Image
5.1. Creating an ARM Thumb interworkingproject
5.2. Importing files into the project
5.3. Building the interworking image
6. Working with RealView Debugger
6.1. Loading your executable image intoRealView Debugger
6.2. Creating your debug configuration
6.3. Setting up your debug configuration
6.3.1. Selecting an existing debug configuration
6.3.2. Selecting a different image to debug
6.3.3. Configuring RealView Debugger connectionsettings
6.3.4. Specifying execution arguments
6.4. Launching RealView Debugger usingyour debug configuration
7. Importing a CodeWarrior Project
7.1. About the CodeWarrior importer
7.2. Importing a CodeWarrior project


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