AMBA® Designer ADR-400 User Guide

Revision: r3p2

List of Topics

Getting started with AMBA Designer
About AMBA Designer suite
AMBA Designer workflow
Starting AMBA Designer Canvas
AMBA Designer batch mode for component configuration
Getting AMBA Designer help
Conventions and feedback
Configuring AMBA 2 and AMBA 3 components
Prerequisites for creating a component
Configuring an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component in the Canvas
Generating RTL for an AMBA 2 or an AMBA 3 component
Adding an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component to the Component Library
Creating a configuration file for AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 components
Generating AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 components in batch mode
Configuring an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component from an XML configuration file
Reconfiguring an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component
Configuring AMBA 4 components
Configuring an AMBA 4 component and generating RTL for it
Saving a batch configuration XML file for AMBA 4 components
Finding out the phase number of a generator for an AMBA 4 component
Rendering AMBA 4 components in batch mode
Reconfiguring an AMBA 4 component
Configuring bus matrices and interconnects
Configuring and rendering bus matrices and interconnects
Creating and configuring a system
Adding components to a new system
Creating external ports
Connecting components
Changing a full-width connection to a bit-slice connection
Tying off input ports
Stitching parameters
Recreating a stitched system from exported configuration files
Adding labels to the project
Using stitched systems as components
Reconfiguring a stitched system
Replacing a component in the system
AMBA Designer general reference
AMBA Designer Preferences dialog
Setting general IP-XACT preferences
Design Preferences dialog
Files and directories used by AMBA Designer
Changing the permissions of generated files
Enabling logging
AMBA Designer Canvas reference
AMBA Designer Canvas overview
Working in the Design Window
AMBA Designer Canvas modes
Mouse cursors, tool tips, and status information
AMBA Designer Canvas shortcuts
Setting drawing preferences in AMBA Designer Canvas
Customizing the appearance of AMBA Designer Canvas
Clearing recent file history list in AMBA Designer Canvas
AMBA Designer command line reference
Launch parameters for AMBA Designer Canvas
AMBA Designer batch mode commands
Components, ports, and connections
Component instances
Viewing the IP-XACT properties of a component
Viewing and editing the IP-XACT model parameters of a component instance
Viewing the hierarchical structure of a component
Component ports
Enabling and disabling ports
Hidden component ports
Hiding and unhiding ports
External ports
Connections in a system
Hiding and unhiding signal or bus connections in a design
AMBA Designer Component Library
Setting Component Library preferences
Customizing the tabs in the Component Window
Adding a component to the Component Library from an IP-XACT XML file
Adding a component to the default Component Library from the command line
Removing a component from the Component Library
Adding a Component Library .conf file to the preferences
Migrating from AMBA Designer r2px
Migrating components configured in AMBA Designer r2px
Migrating old systems to AMBA Designer r3px
Troubleshooting AMBA Designer
Invalid components
Support for more than one IP revision
Paths to relative directories
License text
Verilog Parser copyright notice

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