Configuring and rendering bus matrices and interconnects

This is an overview. For IP-specific instructions on how to generate bus matrices and interconnects, see the AMBA Designer supplement documents.

  1. Make sure that the AMBA Configuration Window is visible in AMBA Designer Canvas. If it is not visible, select Window → Configuration Window.

    Make sure that the Configurators tab is active.

  2. Double-click the name of the bus matrix or interconnect in the AMBA Configuration Window.

    The component configurator window appears.

  3. To configure the bus matrix or interconnect, fill in the necessary configuration information.

    Select the appropriate tabs and buttons for the available options.

  4. Create the address map and the interconnect. These step is different for each bus matrix and interconnects. Follow the instructions in the AMBA Designer Supplement document for the IP.

  5. Generate the bus matrix or interconnect.

  6. Generate the RTL.

  7. Add the generated bus matrix or interconnect to the Component Library.

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  • PrimeCell® AHB Bus Matrix BP010 Supplement to ADR-400 AMBA® Designer User Guide

  • NIC-301 r1p2 and earlier: AMBA® NIC-301 Network Interconnect Supplement to ADDR-400 AMBA Designer User Guide

  • NIC-301 r2p0 onwards: CoreLink™ NIC-301 Network Interconnect Supplement to ADR-400 AMBA Designer User Guide.

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