Changing the permissions of generated files


  • For Linux, the OS restricts the list of groups available to those groups that you, the current user, are subscribed to.

    For Solaris, all these tools list all the user groups, but you might not be able to make selections outside your subscribed groups.

  • These settings only apply to newly-generated IP. If you change these settings between sessions for RTL generation, the tools do not apply them retrospectively.

  1. Select File → Preferences...

    This opens the AMBA Designer Preferences dialog box.

  2. To change these permissions, for the files that AMBA Designer generates, click General → Design Preferences → Generated Design Permissions → Set....

    This opens the AMBA Designer - Generated Design File Permissions dialog box. See Figure 22.

    Figure 22. Generated Design File Permissions dialog box

    Generated Design File Permissions dialog box

    Use this dialog box to change:

    • The permissions for each of the categories.

    • The user group. You can select this from the drop-down list.

    Change the appropriate items in the right-hand pane and then click OK.

  3. Click OK to save the changes in the preferences.

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