Connecting components

You can connect ports graphically in the Diagram Window or by selecting the start and end point from port lists.

When you are connecting components, you must observe the following rules:


To create a bit-slice connection, first create a full-width connection between two ports by selecting Tools → IP-XACT Connections, and then edit the connection. For instructions, see Changing a full-width connection to a bit-slice connection.

To connect ports graphically:

  1. Make sure that the Canvas is in Connect mode by clicking Connect in the toolbar.

  2. Place the cursor over the first port to be connected. The cursor changes to the Connect Ports Mode cursor and the port is highlighted.

  3. Left-click the port and move the cursor to the second port to be connected.

    The Canvas automatically creates an orthogonal wire when you move the cursor to the second port. To complete the connection, place the cursor over the second port to be connected, and when the port is highlighted, left-click the mouse to complete the connection. You can cancel the connection by pressing Esc any time before left-clicking the second port connection.


    If you attempt to connect ports that are not of the correct types, the connection is not made.

  4. To move a connection line or change the names that AMBA Designer automatically generates for a connection, switch to Edit mode by clicking Edit in the toolbar.

  5. To move a connection line, left-click it, grab a control point, and then shift the line.

  6. To rename a connection, right-click it, then select Rename.

    Edit the name field and click OK.

To connect ports by selecting them from lists:

  1. Make sure that the Canvas is in Edit mode by clicking Edit in the toolbar.

  2. Right-click on an empty section of the Diagram Window and select Add Connection....

  3. To enter a name for the connection manually, unselect the Auto Gen Connection Name option.

    You can change the connection name manually later.

  4. If required, filter the port lists by selecting the Show Unconnected Ports Only option.

  5. Select the components and then the ports to connect from the lists.

  6. Click OK to create the connection.

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