Migrating components configured in AMBA Designer r2px

Add and reconfigure the legacy component:

  1. To add a component configured in AMBA Designer version r2px, run the following script:


    After running the script, the component appears in the Component Library and you can drag and drop it into the Diagram Window to connect, stitch, and save in the new .adg file format.

  2. Load the component definition, .xml, that you created in AMBA Designer r2px into the Configuration Window for the same component.


    For the NIC-301 r2 configurator, you can locate and load the component definition, .xml, by selecting File → Open... from the main menu of the component configuration window. For all other IP, click Browse in the File Creation Options pane of the configurator window.

  3. Click OK to generate the new component configuration and close the Configuration Window.

  4. In the Diagram Window, right-click the generated component and select Reconfigure.

  5. Save the new component configuration, or follow the normal steps to render the component.

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