Recreating a stitched system from exported configuration files


  • You must have the IP bundle and appropriate versions of AMBA Designer and other EDA tools installed on the system on which you want to recreate the stitched system from configuration files.

  • You cannot use the render.csh script to rerender components that have not been originally rendered in AMBA Designer, even if they were used in a system. Reconfigure such systems outside AMBA Designer, and then add them to the Component Library.

  1. Run the render.csh script by specifying a destination directory for the design as a command-line argument:

    render.csh <SysName>_config <target_directory>

    The full hierarchical system is recreated in the target directory.

  2. Open the system in AMBA Designer:

    adcanvas <SysName>_config/<SysName>.adg
  3. You can now use and modify the system in AMBA Designer.

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  • For information on which tools are required for a particular IP bundle, see the Release Note for the IP bundle.

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