Starting AMBA Designer Canvas

You can carry out the majority of tasks in AMBA Designer in the GUI called the Canvas.

  1. Ensure that the UNIX environment is ready AMBA Designer.

    Enter one of the following commands depending on the system shell you use:


    source <AMBA_Designer_install_directory>/etc/


    source <AMBA_Designer_install_directory>/etc/setup.csh

  2. Start the Canvas.

    • To launch the Canvas with a blank Diagram Window, do not specify any option argument.

    • To launch the Canvas and to open a specific, existing, system, use the following command:

    adcanvas <filename.adg>

    The Canvas is now ready for use. The Configurators Window shows the list of components that are available for configuration.

    Figure 2. AMBA Designer Canvas window - first use

    AMBA Designer Canvas window - first use

    AMBA Designer starts in Edit Mode by default.

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  • For instructions about setting up the environment, see the ARM® AMBA® Designer ADR-400 Installation Guide.

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