Working in the Design Window

Moving the view port in the Design Window
  1. Change to Edit mode

  2. Press and hold Ctrl and move the view port with the mouse within the system diagram.

The limits to the movement are the same as the limits for the scroll bars.


You can zoom the diagram in or out within the range of 10%-500%. When zooming out, the contents of the components change as the size of the components become smaller. Canvas attempts to display the most important information about objects when zooming out. You can hover the mouse cursor over an object to display its name in the status bar.

To access the zoom feature, press Shift+Ctrl, and use the left or right mouse buttons to zoom in or out.

Selecting objects
  • To select a single object, left-click the object in the Diagram Window.

  • To select multiple objects, make selections while holding down Ctrl.

    You can also use the lasso feature to select several objects. Click and drag the mouse to select all objects within the lasso rectangle. Canvas includes any object that is partially contained within the bounding rectangle in your selection.

  • To select all objects, select Edit → Select All or lasso the entire system.

  • To clear the selection list, click in the background area of the Diagram Window.

  • To remove a single object from the selection list, hold down Ctrl, and left-click the object.


Drag-and-drop is supported for components in the Component Window.

Change display options

You can disable the display of the object type, port list, and subcomponent list in the Canvas preferences settings:

  • General appearance.

  • Canvas appearance.

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