Adding a component to the Component Library from an IP-XACT XML file

If you have a configured ARM IP-XACT XML component file, you can use the component in AMBA Designer by adding it to the Component Library.


AMBA Designer only supports adding configured ARM IP-XACT components to the Component Library.

  1. Start the Component Library Repository Wizard from Tools → Add IP-XACT Component to Component Library....

  2. Enter or browse to the directory where the IP-XACT (xml) source for the component is located and click Next to display the next dialog box in the Wizard. Select the Component Library Repository to add the component to. You can choose to enter either the absolute or relative path to the Component Library Repository location or click Browse to locate it.

  3. Click Next to display the next dialog box in the Wizard. This provides a summary of the source and destination to be used.

  4. If the information is correct, click Finish to add the IP-XACT component to the Component Library. If it is necessary to change any entries, click Back to display the required dialog box. You can cancel the Wizard at any time by clicking Cancel in any of the dialog boxes.


    If the destination is a new Component Library, you are given the option to add the library to your preferences.

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  • For specific configuration information for your chosen component, see the relevant Supplement document to the ARM® AMBA® Designer User Guide.

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