Changing a full-width connection to a bit-slice connection

By default, the port signals are full bit-width connections, that is, no bit-slices have been specified. To make a bit-slice connection from a signal port to other component or external ports:

  1. In the main menu, select Tools → IP-XACT Connections....

    The IP-XACT Connections dialog box appears and lists all the IP-XACT connections for the system.

    Figure 15. IP-XACT Connections listing before editing

    IP-XACT Connections listing before editing

  2. To create a bit-slice, edit the L and R values in the port listing to define the bit range required for each bit-slice.


    The following ad-hoc connections are not supported:

    • Signals from external bus interfaces.

    • Non-contiguous bit-slicing of two ad-hoc signals connected together.

    Figure 16 shows the edited IP-XACT connections for the system.

    Figure 16. IP-XACT Connections listing after editing

    IP-XACT Connections listing after editing

  3. Click OK to save the new L and R signal port values and close the IP-XACT Connections dialog box. Figure 17 shows the sliced connection.

    Figure 17. Multiple bit-slice connections

    Multiple bit-slice connections

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