Design Preferences dialog

From the AMBA Designer Preferences, you can also edit the project preferences in the Design Preferences... dialog, see Figure 21.

Figure 21. General Design Preferences dialog box

General Design Preferences dialog box

To change the defined path or file, perform one of the following actions:

The preferences are:

Global User Preferences

The path to the location of the global preferences.

Local User Preferences

The path to the location of your local preferences.

Generated Design Model Path

After you configure an AMBA component, AMBA Designer generates the IP-XACT component and saves it in this directory.


AMBA Designer only supports absolute paths.

During the RTL generation process, the tools create the relevant RTL directory structure for the AMBA component in this directory. AMBA Designer uses this directory structure to save the RTL files that it generates.

Generated Component File

AMBA Designer uses the Component Library file to store the configured components in the AMBA Designer Component Library. The configuration process for AMBA components consists of the tools writing the resultant IP-XACT and Verilog files to the Generated Design Model Path directory.

This file contains the library configuration entry information for generated components that you have added to the IP-XACT Component Library.

Design Configuration Target Path

This directory contains the design configuration files. These files contain the parameter, address, and sparse information that AMBA Designer uses to generate the AMBA component.


AMBA Designer only supports absolute paths.

Generated Design Permissions

This field enables you to apply file protection bits, and optionally, assign a default group. The tools use these settings each time you generate new RTL for a component or system. The field provides a summary of the permissions for the following categories:

  • User.

  • Group.

  • Other.

It also shows the name of the user group. To change these permissions, click Set.... This opens the AMBA Designer - Generated Design File Permissions dialog box. See Figure 22.

Figure 22. Generated Design File Permissions dialog box

Generated Design File Permissions dialog box

Use this dialog box to change:

  • The permissions for each of the categories.

  • The user group. You can select this from the drop-down list.


  • The Linux OS restricts the list of groups available to those groups that you, the current user, are subscribed to.

  • These settings only apply to newly-generated IP. If you change these settings between sessions for RTL generation, the tools do not apply them retrospectively.

Generated Design Logfile

The path to the location of the generated logfile. To enable this option, select the check box, and specify the path to the location where the log files are to be stored.


AMBA Designer only supports absolute paths.

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