Configuring an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component in the Canvas

  1. Make sure that the AMBA Configuration Window is visible in AMBA Designer Canvas. If it is not visible, select Window → Configuration Window from the main menu.

    Make sure that the Configurators tab is active. See Figure 4.

    Figure 4. AMBA Configuration Window

    AMBA Configuration Window

  2. Double-click the name of the component in the AMBA Configuration Window.

    A component configurator window appears. Figure 5 shows an example.

    Figure 5. Example Configurator Window of an AMBA 3 component

    Example Configurator Window of an AMBA 3 component

  3. Fill in the necessary configuration information.

    To complete the configuration in the Canvas, select the appropriate tabs and buttons for the available options.

  4. To complete the configuration, click OK.

  5. A component instance appears in the Canvas.

    Figure 6. Example new AMBA 3 component

    Example new AMBA 3 component

  6. To save an XML configuration file, right-click the component in the Canvas, and select Design → Save <component_name> Batch Mode Config....

    Canvas saves the component configuration in your work space.

Before you can use it in a system and stitch it, you must generate the RTL for the component and add it to the Component Library.

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  • For specific configuration information for your chosen component, see the relevant Supplement document to the ARM® AMBA® Designer User Guide.

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