Configuring an AMBA 2 or AMBA 3 component from an XML configuration file

  1. Double-click the name of the component in the Configuration Window.

    A component configurator window appears.

  2. To load the XML file for the configuration, click Browse, navigate to the location where the batch configuration file is stored, and then click Open.

    Figure 8. Browse button in the Configurator Window

    Browse button in the Configurator Window


    The Configuration Window shows the default settings for all parameters rather than the values imported from the XML file.

  3. Click OK. A new tab appears in the Diagram Window with the new component part displayed.

  4. To re-open the Configurator Window, right-click the component in the Diagram Window, and then select Design → Reconfigure new <component_name>.

  5. Check the values that have been loaded from the XML file.

    If no changes are necessary, click Cancel.

    If you have modified any parameter values, click OK to save the changes.

You must generate the RTL for the component and add the component to the Component Library before you can stitch it.

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  • For specific configuration information for your chosen component, see the relevant Supplement document to the ARM® AMBA® Designer User Guide.

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