Viewing and editing the IP-XACT model parameters of a component instance

You can inspect and edit the IP-XACT properties of a component instance in AMBA Designer.

  1. Right-click the component in the Canvas and select Component IP-XACT Properties....

  2. Use the tabs to inspect the IP-XACT parameter settings:

    Bus Interfaces

    Generic properties and bus signals for each bus.

    Model Params

    These are IP-XACT parameters that AMBA Designer translates directly to Verilog parameters.

    You can modify these parameters from the Canvas.


    Modifying model parameters is an advanced feature to override the default IP-XACT model parameters for one instance of the component. Depending on the component, you can safely modify some model parameters in this dialog for instantiation. However, other model parameters require that you reconfigure and rerender the component. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the IP-XACT file of the component before you modify model parameters for an instance.


    Signal name, direction, left and right connection widths, the export state, and whether the signal is assigned to a bus interface.

    Check the Show Unassigned Signals Only option to show unassigned signals only in the dialog box.

  3. Use the tabs to inspect the IP-XACT parameter settings.

  4. If changes are required to a model parameter:

    1. Select the Model Params tab.

    2. Select the parameter from the list, and click the Edit (advanced) button.

    3. Enter the new parameter value and click OK.

  5. Click OK to save the changes and to close the IP-XACT Properties dialog.

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