Rendering AMBA 4 components in batch mode

AMBA Designer batch mode is available for all licensed IPs. For AMBA 4 components, RTL is rendered by a set of generators associated with the IP. For most common cases, the default setting is appropriate. By default, all generators run and they create all necessary files for the IP. In certain cases, however, it is useful to run only some of the generators. For information on what generators are available for a IP component, see the Release Note for the IP bundle.

Prerequisites for rendering AMBA4 components in batch mode:

  1. Launch AMBA Designer from the command line in batch mode and include the XML file name and the IP name in the command.

    • Use the following command to execute all generators and to render the RTL for the IP:

      adcanvas -b <file>.xml -<IP_name> -gen

      Where <file>.xml is the name of the batch configuration file and <IP_name> contains the release version, for example XYZr1p2.

    • Typically, all generators that are associated with the IP are run. To use only one of the generators, enter its phase number as a command-line argument:

      adcanvas -b <file>.xml -gen -phase <num> -<IP_name>

      For example:

      adcanvas -b example.xml -gen -phase 1 -CXTMCr0p0
    • If you want AMBA Designer to copy the IP files to the destination directory instead of referencing them from their original location, use the copyfiles argument:

      adcanvas -b <file>.xml -<IP_Name> -gen -copyfiles

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