4.3.1. Downloading new FPGA configurations into Flash

The Flash memory on the Logic Tile configures the FPGA on power-up when the CONFIG option is not selected on the baseboard. The appropriate Progcards utility is used to program the Flash. It first loads a Flash programmer design into the FPGA, then writes the bit file to the Flash memory. You can use the Progcards utility to verify the Flash image against a bit file.


Progcards utility support for Multi-ICE is not provided for this product. If you are using RealView ICE to download the image you must use progcards_rvi v2.0 or later for JTAG and progcards_usb v2.62 or later for USB. The latest version of the Progcards utility is available from the ARM web site at www.arm.com/support/downloads/PlatformUtilities.html.

The steps in writing a bit file to Flash are similar to those described in Reconfiguring the FPGA directly. The differences are the contents of the .brd file (examples are provided on the CD) and the .bit file configuration method (CCLK).

You must use a board file (.brd) to tell the Progcards utility about the method of configuring. Examples are provided on the CD supplied with the Logic Tile. For a full description of this utility, refer to the document file progcards.pdf on the supplied CD.

To load the FPGA configuration from Flash:

  1. Produce a <filename>.bit file for your design.

  2. Produce a <filename>.brd file for your design. This is a configuration file for progcards_rvi and progcards_usb.


    The .brd files are the same regardless of the type of Progcards utility being used.

  3. Put the Logic Tile in Configuration mode by fitting the CONFIG link on the baseboard or Interface Module (later baseboards use a CONFIG slide-switch).

  4. Run the appropriate Progcards utility. All .brd files present in the current directory that match the TAP configuration are offered as options. Select one of the options.

  5. Wait until the Progcards utility finishes and then remove the CONFIG link.

  6. Power-cycle the system or press the reconfigure button on the baseboard or Interface Module.

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