2.3. Using RealView ICE or other JTAG equipment

The JTAG signals for the Logic Tile are routed through the tile headers to the boards above and below the tile. There is no JTAG connector on the Logic Tile. Connect the JTAG equipment to the JTAG 20-way box header on the baseboard or Interface Module being used.

If multiple Logic Tiles are stacked on an Interface Module, the JTAG equipment is always connected to the Interface Module and the signals are routed upwards to the top tile and then back down to the Interface Module. Refer to the JTAG section in the Integrator IM-LT1 User Guide or the IM-LT3 User Guide for details.

Use RealView ICE to program the configuration Flash or directly load the FPGA image.

The RealView Platform Baseboard and the RealView Emulation Baseboard also support programming of the configuration Flash or directly loading the FPGA image using the USB port.


USB debug using RealView ICE is not supported by the RealView Emulation Baseboard.

Third-party JTAG tools can be used to configure and debug the FPGA design by connecting them to the 20-way box header on the baseboard or interface board.


Third-party tools can only be used to program a configuration directly into the FPGA, they cannot be used to program an image into the Flash memory.

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