4.4.1. Downloading a FPGA image directly

You can reprogram the FPGA directly (only on a one-tile system) using RealView ICE, or the USB debug port. Utilities called progcards_rvi and progcards_usb are provided to read .bit files and configure the FPGA. You must use a board file (.brd) to tell the Progcards utility about the method of programming. Examples are provided on the CD supplied with the Logic Tile.


If you are using RealView ICE to download the image you must use progcards_rvi v2.0 or later for JTAG and progcards_usb v2.62 or later for USB.

For a full description of this utility, refer to the document file progcards.pdf on the supplied CD.

To load a new configuration into the FPGA:

  1. Produce a <filename>.bit file for your design.

  2. Produce a <filename>.brd for your design. This is a configuration file for progcards_rvi and progcards_usb.


    The .brd files are the same regardless of the type of Progcards utility being used.

  3. Put the Logic Tile in Configuration mode by fitting the CONFIG link.

  4. Run the Progcards utility. All .brd files present in the current directory that match the TAP configuration are offered as options. Select one of the options.

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