Further reading

This section lists related publications by ARM Limited and other companies that provide additional information and examples.

ARM publications

The following publications provide information about related ARM products and toolkits:

  • ARM Integrator/IM-LT1 Interface Module User Guide (ARM DUI 00187)

  • ARM Integrator/IM-LT3 Interface Module User Guide (ARM DUI 0216)

  • RealView Platform Baseboard for ARM926EJ-S User Guide (ARM DUI 0224)

  • RealView Emulation Baseboard User Guide (ARM DUI 0303)

  • LT-XC2V4000+ User Guide (ARM DUI 0186)

  • IT1 Interface Tile User Guide (ARM DUI0188)

  • ARM RealView ICE User Guide (ARM DUI 0155)

  • AMBA® Specification (ARM IHI 0011)

  • AMBA 3 AXI Protocol Specification (ARM IHI 0022)


Refer to the application notes and examples on the Versatile CD for more information on using the Logic Tile.

Other publications

The following publication provides information about the clock controller chip used on the Logic Tile:

  • ICS Serially Programmable Clock Source Data Sheet (ICS307-01/02) MicroClock Division of Integrated Circuit Systems Inc, San Jose, CA. (www.icst.com).

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