A.2.2. Current requirements

Table A.5 shows the maximum current requirements for the LT-XC4VLX100+ voltage supplies listed by system component when using the example images supplied on the Versatile CD.


The actual current depends on the complexity of the design in the Logic Tile and the clock speed used for the system. For a fuller implementation and higher clock rate, the observed value can be several times that shown in the table.

Software to help in calculating the current requirements for your particular application is available on the Xilinx website at http://www.xilinx.com.

Table A.5. Current requirements

Virtex-4 Core2.5A--- 
Virtex-4 I/O-2.5A-- 
Virtex-4 AUX--600mA- 
PLD Core---600mA 
PLD I/O and Tile logic-250mA-- 
Virtex-4 AES key----0.1mA

The current requirements listed in Table A.5 require a maximum current of 1.2A from the external 5V supply to the LT-XC4VLX100+.


The 1.5V supply is provided solely by the internal button-cell battery Removing the battery will result in the loss of the 256b AES encryption key held in the Virtex-4 FPGA making the LT-XC4VLX100+ unusable.

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