2.1.103. --remove_unneeded_entities, --no_remove_unneeded_entities

These options control whether debug information is generated for all source symbols, or only for those symbols actually used.


Use --remove_unneeded_entities to reduce debug object and image file sizes. Faster linkage times can also be achieved.


Although --remove_unneeded_entities can help to reduce the amount of debug information generated per file, it has the disadvantage of reducing the number of debug sections that are common to many files. This reduces the number of common debug sections that the linker is able to remove at final link time, and can result in a final debug image that is larger than necessary. For this reason, use --remove_unneeded_entities only when necessary.


The effects of these options are restricted to debug information.


Removal of unneeded entities is disabled by default.

See also

  • The DWARF Debugging Standard at http://dwarfstd.org/.

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