4.6.4. #pragma diag_default tag[,tag,...]

This pragma returns the severity of the diagnostic messages that have the specified tags to the severities that were in effect before any pragmas were issued.


#pragma diag_default tag[,tag,...]



is a comma-separated list of diagnostic message numbers specifying the messages whose severities are to be changed.

At least one diagnostic message number must be specified.


// <stdio.h> not #included deliberately

#pragma diag_error 223
void hello(void)
    printf("Hello ");

#pragma diag_default 223
void world(void)

Compiling this code with the option --diag_warning=223 generates diagnostic messages to report that the function printf() is declared implicitly.

The effect of #pragma diag_default 223 is to return the severity of diagnostic message 223 to Warning severity, as specified by the --diag_warning command-line option.

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