B.1.1. Translation

Diagnostic messages produced by the compiler are of the form:

source-file, line-number: severity: error-code: explanation

where severity is one of:


If the severity is blank, this is a remark and indicates common, but sometimes unconventional, use of C or C++. Remarks are not displayed by default. Use the --remarks option to display remark messages. See Controlling the output of diagnostic messages for more information. Compilation continues.


Flags unusual conditions in your code that might indicate a problem. Compilation continues.


Indicates a problem that causes the compilation to stop. For example, violations in the syntactic or semantic rules of the C or C++ language.

Internal fault

Indicates an internal problem with the compiler. Contact your supplier with the information listed in Feedback.



Is a number identifying the error type.


Is a text description of the error.

See Chapter 5 Diagnostic Messages in the Compiler User Guide for more information.

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