2.1.26. --[no_]dep_name

This option enables or disables dependent name processing in C++.

The C++ standard states that lookup of names in templates occurs:

When the option --no_dep_name is selected, the lookup of dependent names in templates can occur only at the time the template is instantiated. That is, the lookup of dependent names at the time the template is parsed is disabled.


The option --no_dep_name is provided only as a migration aid for legacy source code that does not conform to the C++ standard. Its use is not recommended.


This option is effective only if the source language is C++.


The default is --dep_name.


The option --dep_name cannot be combined with the option --no_parse_templates, because parsing is done by default when dependent name processing is enabled.


When the options --dep_name and --no_parse_templates are combined, the compiler generates an error.

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