1.1. About the NEON Vectorizing Compiler

RVCT provides armcc --vectorize, a vectorizing version of the ARM compiler, that targets ARM processors with a NEON unit, such as the Cortex-A8.

Vectorizing means that the compiler generates NEON vector instructions directly from C or C++ code. The compiler can vectorize regular C and C++ operations like + and some of the ITU intrinsics from the dspfns.h header file.

As an alternative to compiler vectorization, RVCT also supports NEON intrinsics as an intermediate step for SIMD code generation between a vectorizing compiler and writing assembler code. For more information, see Appendix E Using NEON Support in the RVCT Compiler Reference Guide.


The NEON vectorizing compiler requires its own separate FLEXnet license to be installed prior to use. This license is independent of the license required for RVDS products. If you attempt to use the NEON vectorizing compiler with your RVDS license, the NEON compiler generates an error message.

For more information about licensing, see the ARM FLEXnet License Management Guide (ARM DUI 0209).

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