Using this book

This book is organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Read this chapter for an introduction to the NEON Vectorizing Compiler.

Chapter 2 NEON Vectorizing features

Read this chapter for a description of the command-line options supported by the NEON Vectorizing Compiler.

Chapter 3 Using the NEON Vectorizing Compiler

Read this chapter for a tutorial on the NEON Vectorizing Compiler. It provides you with an understanding of the NEON unit and explains how to take advantage of the automatic vectorizing features.

This book assumes that the ARM software is installed in the default location. For example, on Windows this might be volume:\Program Files\ARM. This is assumed to be the location of install_directory when referring to path names. For example install_directory\Documentation\.... You might have to change this if you have installed your ARM software in a different location.

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