2.6.12. Additional recommendations for OpenGL ES 1.1

Additional recommendations to promote efficiency when using a Mali GPU with OpenGL ES 1.1 are:

Avoid using too many texture stages

For maximum efficiency, use as few texture stages as possible. Consider combining textures in a preprocessing or content generation step, when feasible.

The Mali-55 GPU supports superimposing up to two textures. The Mali-200 and Mali-400 MP GPUs support up to eight textures.

Avoid using too many light sources

Vertex processing load increases with the number of enabled light sources. Reduce the number of light sources if the load is too high.

Use matrix calculation functions

If possible, use the matrix calculation functions rather than calculating your own matrices. In particular, and especially for texture matrices, set identity matrices using glLoadIdentity rather than glLoadMatrixf.

Avoid user-defined clip planes

In general, avoid using user-defined clip planes, because they do not offer performance improvements.


Edges caused by the intersection of a triangle with the clip plane are rendered aliased, even when anti-aliasing is enabled.

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