3.17.4. Fonts

The Font settings preferences dialog is shown in Figure 3.37.

Figure 3.37. Preferences dialog, Fonts

Preferences dialog, Fonts

Use the controls in the Font panel to select font type and size for text displayed in the application windows:


This font is used in the application window.

Base fixed font

This font is used for text in the Source view of the Workspace window.

Block Diagram Component Name

This font is used in component title blocks in the Block Diagram window.

Fonts depend on $DISPLAY variable

Check this box to use the font specified in the $DISPLAY variable.

Reset to base size

Select a new font size from the spin control and click this button to reset all fonts sizes to the selected value.

Reset to defaults

Click this button to reset all the fonts back to the factory settings.


If non-Latin characters are used in LISA code, the font selected for Source windows must support the character set used in the code. The default font might not support non-Latin characters.

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