3.14. New Project dialogs

Select New Project from the File menu to display the New Project dialog and create a new project. See Figure 3.29.

Figure 3.29. New Project dialog

New Project dialog

The dialog has the following controls:

Look in

Specify the directory to hold the new project file in this box.


Japanese or Korean characters must not be used in project filename paths, as they can lead to failure to find the specified libraries.

On Windows, the direction of the slash characters separating directories appears to be reversed. You can enter slash characters in either direction but they get displayed as / in all cases. This does not affect operation.

File name

Enter the name for the new project in this box.

If you select an existing file, the new project replaces the existing project.

File type

The drop down menu selects the files that are displayed in the file list. This is useful if it is necessary to replace an existing file or use a similar name for the project. The default type for Fast Models projects is .sgproj.


Click Select to accept the project name and path. Click Cancel to close the dialog without creating a new project.

If an existing project is selected, you are prompted to replace the existing project with a new project of the same name.


The path to the model repositories that are currently specified by the Default Model Repositories section of the Preferences dialog is included in the project file. More information on specifying repositories is given later. See Default Model Repository.

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