3.7. Component Properties dialog for a library component

Select a component from the Components list and right-click and select Properties from the context menu to display the properties for the selected component. You can also select a component and then select Object Properties from the Object menu.


If a component is not selected, selecting Properties from the context menu or Object Properties from the Object menu displays the properties for the entire model. See Component Model Properties dialog for system.

The General tab shown in Figure 3.16 displays the following:

Component name

The name of the component.


The component category as, for example, Core or Peripheral.


The revision number for the component.


The file that defines the component.


On Windows, the direction of the slash characters separating directories appears to be reversed. You can enter slash characters in either direction but they get displayed as / in all cases. This does not affect operation.


The repository that contains the reference to the file path.


Descriptive information that was added when the component was added to the project.

Figure 3.16. Component Properties dialog for SerialCharDoubler

Component Properties dialog for SerialCharDoubler

Click the other tabs to display read-only information about the component:


Any properties that can be used with the component. See Figure 3.17.

Figure 3.17. Component Properties dialog, Properties tab

Component Properties dialog, Properties tab


The properties of a component in the Components list cannot be modified. To display the dialog, select Object Properties from the Object menu.

The license_feature property identifies the license feature string that is required to use this component in a virtual platform model.


Any parameters that have been defined for the component. See Figure 3.18.

Figure 3.18. Component Properties dialog, Parameters tab

Component Properties dialog, Parameters tab


Any ports that are present in the component. See Figure 3.19.

Figure 3.19. Component Properties dialog, Ports tab

Component Properties dialog, Ports tab


Port arrays are displayed as the array name only. Individual ports in the array cannot be expanded and viewed.


This tab displays the LISA prototypes of methods, that is, behaviors, that are available for use by the selected component. The list is for reference only and cannot be edited.

Figure 3.20. Component Properties dialog, Methods tab

Component Properties dialog, Methods tab

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