1.1. About Fast Models

Fast Models is an environment for easy creation of virtual platform models that execute with high simulation speeds. Because Fast Models uses Code Translation (CT) models, the simulation speed of generated platforms ranges between 100-500 MIPS on a typical workstation.

Generated platforms are equipped with the Cycle Accurate Debug Interface (CADI) and can run stand-alone as well as from a suitable debugger. Fast Models automatically generates the required interfaces for both standalone and integrated platforms.

System Canvas provides the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the Fast Model tools and enables you to assemble systems by using graphical representations of:

System Canvas has a block diagram editor for creating the graphical representation of a system. It provides features similar to vector oriented drawing tools such as flow charting programs. The graphical nature of System Canvas provides a rapid way to create and configure components or systems consisting of multiple components.

New components can be added to a single project or added to a component repository for use in multiple projects. Components are defined by LISA or LISA+ code and can be written using the text editor that is part of System Canvas.

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