3.2. Overview of System Canvas

System Canvas consists of the following windows and graphical elements:

Main menu

The main menu contains the available options with their corresponding keyboard short cuts. See Menu bar.


The tool bar contains buttons for frequently used features. See Toolbar.


The workspace panel has tabs to select the views:

  • the Block Diagram panel contains the components, ports, and connections

  • the Source panel is used to edit the LISA code of the component.

See Workspace windows.

Component list

The component list contains a list of all components and their protocols and libraries available in the current project. See Component window.

Output window

The output window contains status messages that are output from the build process.

Status bar

The status bar gives information about menu items, commands, buttons, and component information.

The main elements of the System Canvas window are shown in Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1. Layout of System Canvas

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