1.2. Fast Models design flow

The basic design flow for Fast Models is:

  1. Create or buy standard component models.

  2. Use System Canvas to interconnect components and set parameters.

  3. Generate a new model from System Canvas.

  4. Use the new model as input to a more complex system or distribute it as a standalone simulation environment.

Figure 1.1. Fast Models design flow

The input to System Canvas consists of:

C++ library objects

Typically these are models of processor cores or standard peripherals.

LISA+ source code

The source code files define custom peripheral components. These can be existing files in the Fast Model Portfolio or new LISA+ files that were created with System Canvas. The LISA+ descriptions can be located in any directory. One LISA+ file can contain one or more component descriptions.

After the required components have been added and connected, System Canvas produces the output object as one or more C++ library objects or SystemC objects. The output can be either a single component or a system that contains many different components.

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