2.7. Viewing the project settings

System Canvas displays the content of the project file. All LISA files, model repositories, and libraries are shown in the Components list.

The configuration settings can be viewed and edited through the Project Settings dialog. No changes are required for this tutorial. This section, however, demonstrates the steps to use if changes were necessary.

  1. Click the Settings button, or select Project Settings from the Project menu, to inspect the project settings for the tutorial system.

  2. The Project Settings dialog is displayed as shown in Figure 2.12. The figure shows the Compiler options panel.

    Figure 2.12. Project settings for the example

    Project settings for the example


    For Microsoft VC++2005 and VC++2008, you must have service pack one (SP1) installed.

  3. Click the Category View, List View, and Tree View tabs and observe how the project parameters are displayed in different groupings.

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