C.2.1. Using command-line options to decrease compilation time

Previously all components were placed into a single file. Creating multiple files, however, can reduce the compilation time if only one component has changed and requires recompilation.

You can use the num-comps-file option to specify whether a single file or multiple files is used for components. The default is 1 and all components go into a single file.

If the value for num-comps-file is increased to, for example, 10 then the first 10 components go into the first file, the second 10 components go into the second file, and so on until all components are in files.

For development work where the source is modified frequently, setting num-comps-file to a value greater than 1 can considerably reduce compilation time because only the file containing the changed module is recompiled.


If you are recompiling an existing project that will not be modified, ARM recommends setting the value for num-comps-file to 1.

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