C.2. SIMGEN command-line options

The command-line options are listed in Table C.1:

Table C.1. simgen command-line options

Short formOptionDescription
---configuration NAMESpecify the name for the configuration.
---enable-warning NUM

Enable warning number NUM.

This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.

---disable-warning NUM

Disable warning number NUM.

This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.

---warnings-as-errorsTreat LISA parsing and compiler warnings as errors.
---num-comps-file NUM

Specify the number of components that are generated into a single file. See Using command-line options to decrease compilation time.

---num-build-cpus NUMSpecify the number of cpus used during build.
-b--buildBuild targets.
-C--cleanClean targets.
-D--define SYMBOL

Define preprocessor symbol SYMBOL.

You can also use SYMBOL=DEF

-h--helpPrint help message that contains this list of command-line options and exit.
-I--include INC_PATHAdd include path INC_PATH.
-p--project-file FILENAMESet simgen project file FILENAME.
-v--verbose ARG

Set verbosity. ARG can be one of :


sparse (this is the default)


-w--warning-level LEVELSet warning level to LEVEL.

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